How To Reduce Costs When Selling Fireworks?

When you order wholesale fireworks from a traditional firework wholesaler, they will collect up your requested fireworks from various pallets in their warehouse and assemble them onto a new pallet which then gets shipped off to you. Not so bad sounding, right? Unfortunately, in this case, “the devil is in the details.”

Each type of firework you wanted probably came from a different place. Some came from various locations in a warehouse. Others came from another warehouse…and could have come from another warehouse before that one! This process is the standard distribution of fireworks. Shipping hazardous materials like fireworks can be costly enough as it is. But when it is done as described here, each time the fireworks are shipped, the costs go up.

Instead of standard distribution, Cutting Edge Fireworks utilizes imported drop-shipping. This means that your order is assembled at the factory and shipped straight to your door. You get exactly what you want in this first shipment of fireworks and bypass all of the “middle men,” resulting in a drastic cut to the overhead shipping costs. When you work with Cutting Edge Fireworks, you can save up to 35% in total costs.