How Much Does A Container Of Fireworks Cost?

Many firework retailers ask about the cost of a container of fireworks drop shipped directly to them versus the same quantity through standard distribution.  The cost of a container varies depending on the mix of products you select.  The typical range is $42,000 - $50,000. 

What do you get for your money?  Again depending on the product mix, anywhere from 300 cs to 1000 cs.  If you buy heavy on large assortments you will expect closer to the 300 cs mark.  The average is in the 800 -1000 cs range for a container of various categories of fireworks.  

The overall average savings when buying a container drop shipped to your door versus standard firework supply chain is 20-30%.  The savings comes in the reduction of transportation and handling costs.  Plus fireworks that are handled less from the source are much less likely to have shipping or water damage.   

If you are a fireworks retailer, how could you say no to a 20-30% reduction in product costs?  Call us today at 1-800-766-1277 or fill out this form HERE


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