The moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived. You invested a great deal of time, money, and effort into this firework business. You went through piles of paperwork and “red tape” so that everything was in order. As you wait for your shipment of fireworks to be unloaded from the back of the semi-truck, you begin to worry. Does the shipment contain what you ordered? Were the fireworks damaged during their long trips from warehouse to warehouse?

You brush off these concerns, convincing yourself that you are just being paranoid. After all, you paid a fortune just for the shipping. That certainly means your shipment of fireworks will be of the highest quality and will arrive in pristine condition, right? Besides, from what you can see, all of the boxes containing your fireworks look to be in fine condition.

You sign off on the delivery and begin unwrapping the pallets. To your dismay, you begin to notice small indentations in some of the boxes upon closer inspection. Opening a few of these boxes, you see that some of the fireworks packaging is dented or has torn labels. Your heart sinks as you realize this is going to be another frustrating experience with the fireworks industry.

The above scenario is a nightmarish one that any fireworks retailer would shudder to find themselves in. Not only have you doled out a significant amount of hard-earned money for these fireworks, but now a portion of them are damaged to the point they cannot be sold! If you have been in fireworks retail for a while, you are probably all too familiar with these problems.

Developed in 2009 as a drop-shipped bulk container offering of Jake’s Fireworks, Cutting Edge Fireworks strives to eliminate the troubles that often plague retailers in the fireworks industry. In only its second year of production, Cutting Edge produced and shipped more than 60,000 cases, and it is easy to see why. Cutting Edge focuses on the happiness of its customers by taking care of the biggest hassles that come with running a fireworks business. We aim to make fireworks fun again. Whether you are worried about costs, quality, logistics, or aesthetics, Cutting Edge Fireworks will work with you to ensure your full satisfaction from the second you order to the night that your customers celebrate with our fireworks.