cutting edge fireworks

What is Cutting Edge Fireworks?  Cutting Edge is a brand of premium class “C” consumer fireworks and offers a complete product lineup, including artillery, multi-shot cakes, fountains, novelties, and more! Our fireworks are tested by the Chinese manufacturers to meet the rigorous standard we put forth.


Where can I buy Cutting Edge brand?  It’s available in full containers shipped from China direct to your door.


Why should I buy drop shipped containers of Cutting Edge? 

  • Reduce your product costs and increase your profit – our customers typically save up to 25% over similar products purchased through traditional distribution
  • Be different – due to the nature of the drop ship full container model, the number of companies that can offer Cutting Edge is limited.  Stop competing head to head with competitors and instead carry a unique product line.
  • Innovative and quality products – Cutting Edge brand is recognized as a high quality brand in the industry and is also home to some of the most powerful and colorful fireworks available on the consumer market.
  • High Definition product videos are available for free.  Videos sell fireworks!  Download them and play them at your stores.  Cutting Edge videos also come loaded onto the Back Yard Preview fireworks video system


What else can I do with Cutting Edge brand?

  • Private label your own brand of fireworks – have an idea for a product name or a firework performance?  Make that dream a reality and sell it in your stores
  • Design your own assortments – customize assortments to meet the needs of your customers


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