Cutting Edge Fireworks is a wholesale fireworks distributor selling a premium drop shipped container fireworks brand that delivers a powerful line of innovative products every year!

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  • American Core

    Red star, blue star, flowers.

  • Beer Anyone

    Red green, silver willow with blue stars, blue fountains with silver crown and puruple lemon and blue.

  • Hustle and Bustle

    White glittering mine to green stars and red plum, white glitter mine to blue stars with red plum.

  • Love Pyro

    Green glittering with purple star mine to red dahlia with silver plum, green dahlia with silver plum, blue dahlia with silver plum, purple dahlia with silver plum, multicolor dahlia with silver plum.

  • Pure Outlaw

    5" Shells - 60g maximum charge. 12 different effects. Amazing waterfall effects.

  • Revolutionary

    Wave to red with white glitter pistil, wave to green with white glitter pistil, wave to blue with white glitter pistil, wave to multicolor stars.

  • Royal Flush

    Chrysanthemum with whistling, gold wave willow, chrysanthemum with whistling, brocade, chrysanthemum with whistling, blue peony, whistling, crackling.

  • Tai Chi

    Blue to multicolor mines, blue to multicolor stars.

  • Walking Dead

    Silver crackle to purple, silver crackle to sky blue, silver crackle to yellow, silver crackle to green, silver crackle to red glitter and green glitter.

  • Wild West

    Red green flower, colorful fish, white glitter with red blue, gold brown with yellow and green, gold fountain, silver willow wiwth blue stars, silver crown with colorful stars.

Why Buy Cutting Edge Fireworks?

Wholesale Fireworks Container

Maximize your profits – drop ship container program can reduce product cost by 30%
Premium Quality fireworks delivered direct to your door
Create your own fireworks and/or labeling


Need a wholesale fireworks distributor?  Cutting Edge Fireworks is a drop ship container program that provides premium consumer fireworks.  Cut out the middle man and get fireworks drop shipped from China direct to your door.  Save 20-30% off normal fireworks distribution channels.