Cutting Edge Fireworks is a wholesale fireworks distributor selling a premium drop shipped container fireworks brand that delivers a powerful line of innovative products every year!

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  • Aim Small Miss Small

    500g fan cake with 25 shots.  Meteor shower with red gliter performance.

  • Avarice

    Big 9 shot 500g cake. Red plum ring, golden plum ring, silver chrysanthemum ring.

  • Dressed to Kill

    200g cake with wide fan performance.  Blue red chrysanthemum, blue mine, red tail...

  • Happy Trails

    60 shot 200g cake.  Silver glitter mine with red tail with silver spinner to red stars.  Silver glitter...

  • Head Shot

    240 shot 500g cake. Silver and purple palm tails, brocade crown and green palm tails...


  • Mr Lucky

    Round 500g finale cake featuring 28 shots.  Silver diamond multi color effects.  Double stage UFO.

  • Pasta Party

    50 shot 200g cake. Gold glitter tail with red stars, green glitter tail with...


  • Pride & Progress

    Semi-circle 500g fountain.  Golden hydrangea to gingko to Titanium flower and silver dragon...

  • The Bull

    23 shot 500g cake.  Six stage chrysanthemum; red tail to chrysanthemum willow...

  • Vanilla Cone

    200g fountains in retail display box.  Blue pistil and gold willow; Silver pistil and gold willow; Red pistil and silver willow; Purple pistil and silver willow.

Why Buy Cutting Edge Fireworks?

Wholesale Fireworks Container

Maximize your profits – drop ship container program can reduce product cost by 30%
Premium Quality fireworks delivered direct to your door
Create your own fireworks and/or labeling


Need a wholesale fireworks distributor?  Cutting Edge Fireworks is a drop ship container program that provides premium consumer fireworks.  Cut out the middle man and get fireworks drop shipped from China direct to your door.  Save 20-30% off normal fireworks distribution channels.